Severe Collapse

by humanhostbody

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This is our first, proper release ever. We recorded some new songs and some old that weren't recorded yet.
We did a CD for our Balkan Tour limited to 60 copies.
Well we will release it on vinyl and we are searching for labels to contribute. If you wanna help write to

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Samuel Simonovič
Balkan Tour Cover: Simon Kocijančič


released April 17, 2015




humanhostbody Koper, Slovenia

D-beat possessed metal from Istria. Anarchist/anti-civ/pro-collapse!

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Track Name: Only The Fools pt.II
Violence is omnipresent

fear is the glue.

The state has fear controlling us and legitimate use of force to keep us down.

Hierarchy is based on power
power is kept with fear.

Our society's basis is violence, change won't come with peace.
Society based on violence wont be change with the same amount of non­violence.

For every nightstick there is a brick.

For every rubber bullet there is a Molotov.

For every wounded comrade there is a burning pig.

For every citizen murdered by the state there just a lost life.

We own violence as they do No one can escape it because it surround us.

How moral is a night stick and how moral is a brick?

How moral is a clear cut and how moral is a letter bomb?

Rise the Black flag now!

The state or the ones who rule over us have a moral dominion over violence, that means that police brutality is more moral than just the violence toward the machine of repression. Destroying the environment where we live or polluting the water we drink is less a crime than a letter bomb to a CEO of some company doing that. Violence is omnipresent, it is everywhere, we got use to it, we got used to live with fear and we excepted the fact that state or the system has the moral right to use violence toward us. On the other hand when we are violent that's immoral because change should come with peace and it's a slow process, well fuck that, fuck being patient! The war is on! They are destroying the world we live in, the state is killing us day by day and you expect us to be peaceful, patient, throw flowers instead of Molotovs? No! If they hit us with nightsticks we will hit them back with bricks!
Track Name: Storms To Come
We are the storm to come!

Feel the tension in the air
Taste the piling anger as the nerves pressure grinds your teeth.
From a somber horizon the storms are rising
A strengthful force overruns the hopelessness

A keen wind brings the smell of blood and burnt
as the machine grinds our bodies.

We are many, they are few!
On horizon total revolution.
The Storms to come.
Thunders our war song.
We are the storm of revolution.

Arising fearless avalanche of victims of the system
that condemn us to a miserable existence.

The unstoppable hand of insurrection reigns on the streets
Images of the night set ablaze the repressive machines

As leviathan burns the we dance in the night
and from its corps a new hope germinates

The riots and demonstration that happened in the Winter 12/13 had a huge impact on the anarchist movement here in Slovenija. We never expected that demonstrations on a such scale could happen and it took us my surprise. The power of mobilizing such a mass was huge and the feeling you had while marching on the streets with our banners was like a power of nature. Imagine the feeling of a storm approaching, you feel in awe of this force of nature. I got the same filling marching with the comrades waving the black flag.
Track Name: Severe Collpse
Like a prophecy fulfilled the impending catastrophe will come.
The techno-culture will fall as it will collapse in itself.
The rapture of mass production / mortal blow to the industrialised civilization
 The industrial culture is a disease that sickens all life.
A system doomed to end all.
A system destroying all that is life-affirming
A sever collapse is in font of us. 
In a world that shows no future why we hold on hope.
Lets face our downfall and visualise the industrial collapse.

Over the cliff we go.
Humanity has fail.

All hopes abandon
Like a final war
End of our culture
Hear the feral call

We are an anti-civilization band. Our culture is the pillar of civilization and the way it works, the way we live...the end result is the collapse of civilization itself. The progress, the technology, the hunger of our civilization leads to a catastrophe. There is no way to stop it. The collapse is definite.
Track Name: Second Wave
Dust settles, smoke clears, wounds heal
the first wave has passed

battles won battles lost
victory still lays ahead

Glimpses of hope, ashes smoulder, seeds germinate
the calm before the storm

battles won battles lost
victory still lays ahead

One upheval won't destroy the enemy
The war is upon us we better adapt

The second wave will come higher
we've learned from our mistake and grow stronger
With pride we carry the battle scars

This time the barricades will grow higher
and we will hold our reclaimed land
we won't back down
we will hold our ground
not a single inch
war is upon us!

After the uprising in Slovenian when the peak of actions and enthusiasm had passed, there was a sense of depression and sadness. But we took time and analyse our mistakes and what we did good. This song is dedicated to everyone who is fighting on the streets for a better future, to everyone who is waving the black flag, to everyone beaten by the cops, to all the comrades in jail. The next time we meet the enemy on the street we will do better, we will hold our ground, we will fight for what is ours!
Track Name: Sum Of Anger
we wake up in misery and we are feed by the lies justifying it
endless excuses until reality fades

sum your anger
sum your pain
gain your freedom
end their realm

as hard as they try the truth always find its way
and now we see a shattered empire
still we continue to serve and work their way out

sum your anger
sum your pain
gain your freedom
end their realm

we keep on buying their lies
and we are kept in despair

how much lies we have to swallow
until our blood burns
how many morning in misery
until our anger outburst
how many lives have to be ruin
until we burn them all

How bad things should get until we get mad?
Track Name: Leviathan
1000 eyed monarch shaper of our existance
Slavemaster of our will, the one who curves our reality

Agains Leviathan / Against everything as it is

The former of all our fear
The former of all power (throught )indoctrinated history

Agains Leviathan / Against everything as it is

No fances to hold us
No guns to scare us
This is now or never
This is on us

Leviathan reigns on our enslaved minds
Throw off the shackles that inprison our will
Time to get rid of the terror Engraved in our soul
The crows are unleashed and will scream on our ears
That were keept deaf all those years

They don't have a fence long enough to hold us all back!
They don't have enough tear gas to dry our eyes!
They don't have enough bullets to kill us all!
Track Name: Forward To Collapse
Forward to our end
to collapse
these is the last cycle of progress of man
generations of harm
the last stage of our deadly march
march toward collapse
your heaven ends and hell begins
sky opens and ground breaks
the water rise and flames burns
these is the fall of human race
forward to collapse
forward to our end
open hands to welcome our death
these is the end of our existence
concrete ruins are becoming dust blown by the wind
rain heals her wounds
we are just a chapter of failed evolution
murdered by progress, killed by pride
we are collapsed and forgotten
buried under new soil
collapsed and forgotten buried under new soil
forward to collapse and let a new cycle begin.
Let the law of nature take its course
and the crows sing to our funeral

There is no hope for civilization and there is no sense to hope for a better future for our culture. The culture in which we are born is like a cancer killing the world we live in. Our way of life, our culture is the enemy of all life. We are the most stupid animals that walk on this planet, because we are destroying our own habitat. That's why we are doomed to collapse. There is no other way than the collapse of our kind, because this is the way our culture works. The collapse is near we will go extinct and that is not a sad ending.
Track Name: Of Ethnocide
The last barriers are falling under the pressure of the capital.
Its machines are cutting deep wounds which will never heal.
The last states of nature are going to be extinct.
The few resisting in these hopeless fight are cursed to fail beneath the greed of the whites.
As their culture is forgotten and no one to tell their myths. These is their ruiner erased to make room for the whites.
Of ethnocide how many will die?

This text is inspired by a essay from Pierre Clastres with the same title. Clastres was one of the anthropologist that were linking anarchy and primitive tribes. His collection of essays is entitled Archeology Of Violence – highly recommended.
Track Name: Only The Fools pt.I
Used to hava a gun pointed to our head
our culture has made violence a natural thing
fear is a daily reality and being afraid is a routine
violence unseen because is far from us, but it is just a layer beneath our obedience.
If we don't follow the rules violence is the consequence.
And living in fear of that made us a docile citizen
legitimation of violence,
normalization of fear,
defining what crime is
(forcing us to obey)
Violence is everywhere, war is omnipresent
From the beginning our culture is a war-machine and civilization is a declaration of war on all life

Only the fools believes that civilization is peaceful
only the fools, only the fools!

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